Tejhler lb

Blue Devils: an ode to myself and all my hopes and dreams

Exhibition Text

Blue Devils: an ode to myself and all my hopes and dreams resides in a special place where the innocence of childhood, our dreams, and the memories of youthful experiences come together. The 5 mixed media pieces, like tiny time machine crystal balls, dwell in the pure beauty of childhood; the delicate nature of our ambitions; and the bittersweet memories of a time when we believed in endless possibilities. The lyrical annotations across the series offer intimate glimpses into a youthful sense of wonder, tender emotions, a knowing sadness, and aspirations like playing in the National Hockey League. Paint, handcrafted stickers, and collage methodologies using old magazines and fragments from my own childhood journals become the storytellers in each piece; these materials carry the essence of my past, and I incorporate them into every work, breathing life into the stories I wish to tell. As a 2 Spirit artist, it is important for me to return to my own personal upbringing to highlight the dreams, joy, and strength of Indigenous youth. The journal lines, like whispers from my younger self,  are emblematic of the threads that bind us through shared memories that transcend time and culture. They're fragments from a time when life was simpler – words that touch the core of our souls and encourage reflection on our personal journeys. Ultimately, Blue Devils is an invitation to connect to the child within us all, and a reminder that, even in the face of adversity, our innocence, hopes, and dreams hold sacred. 

Artist Bio

Tejhler lb, pronouns they/them, hails from the vibrant community of Sioux Lookout and proudly celebrates being Indigenous. As a 2-spirit media and performance artist, Tejhler's creative journey has been a celebration of interdisciplinarity art, blurring the boundaries between art forms and embracing the enigmatic force that lies within. Tejhler has already emerged as a captivating force in the world of contemporary art. Their artistic prowess has been entirely self-taught, a testament to their insatiable appetite for learning and experimentation drawing inspiration from the vast cosmos, the ever-evolving realm of AI, the audacious spirit of Club Kids, and even the intriguing world of taxidermists, trying to capture the essence of the IRL and URL duality. Tejhler has previously presented work with the White Water Gallery, and Near North Mobile Media Lab in collaboration with the Media Arts Network of Ontario.

Between Pheasants Contemporary would like to publicly acknowledge and thank the Ontario Art Council’s support through the Northern Arts Project grant to make this exhibition possible.

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