Between Pheasants Contemporary is not currently seeking traditional or formal proposals from artists and curators, but very open to starting dialogues for experimental off-site exhibitions.  

Writers interested in producing exhibition essays or critical texts to be published alongside upcoming exhibitions may submit expressions of interest outlining mediums and thematics of interest. Regrettably, as an entirely solo volunteer passion project, BPC is currently unable to offer artists, curators, and writers fees, but is open to collaborate with and support artists, curators, and writers in seeking funding. 

Artists and curators interested in working with BPC are very welcome to reach out and propose projects that are off-site. At present, I am living on the opposite end of the continent from the coop, but see much potential in continuing programming in off-site locations quite possibly anywhere. If artists have the wherewithal to travel to, install + deinstall, and take proper documentation of their projects, BPC is certainly very interested in offering the coop space to exhibitions that align with its programming vision.

Questions regarding programming should be directed to Alexander Rondeau via

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